So, back in the day, say, 2012-ish, I was once part of a two-man operation titled "The Aero-Soul Project." A couple years ago, we split and I kept at it. Dropped the "Project," stepped out from behind the title and became Brian again. 

I'm Brian "Aerosoul" Balor, an Indianapolis based stencil artist. All of my pieces are on found items and recycled pieces. Ranging from vinyl, wood, plexiglass, or even a car! Currently, I'm working on expanding my work to galleries, more cons, and bigger more intricate pieces!

Read more here: Library of Impressions

Along with cons and art shows, I have items for sale at The Strange Brew, D's Vintage Toys, and Game Paradise.

Galleries I've Exhibited in:

The Art Bank (Indianapolis, IN)

The Attic (Indianapolis, IN)

Do317Lounge (Indianapolis, IN)

Indie Indy Art Gallery (Indianapolis, IN)

Primary Colours (Indianapolis, IN)


Email me at: aerosoulpro@gmail.com